The Colour Republic UK

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As The Colour Republic’s UK agents, Millers 1893 can provide stunning

By combining traditional paints with modern acrylics, we give you the best of both worlds with nostalgic tints that meet modern standards. Every colour has its own story, and our colours are the result of 20 years of experience in creating products tailored to customers with different tastes on different continents. All our paints are water-based.

Wooden walls make a room cosier. Traditionally painted wooden boards, whether with new or weathered finish, are a fast way to cover a wall. Supplied in your chosen shades, they let you finish your walls with no need for extra sanding or painting.

Painted flooring available in our own palette of colours, with new or weathered finish. For everything from stately homes to trendy shops, in subdued corporate colours or nostalgic tints. The unique painted flooring collection. Available in Basic, Damaged, Weathered and Aged finishes.

The various colourations of our floorboards are obtained by accelerating the natural ageing of the wood. Our products are made exclusively from European Oak. Available as solid or laminated boards, in wide robust planks or elegant Hungarian Point.

The beauty of the basic collection lies in its simplicity and timeless elegance. Durable finishes suitable for every interior.

We apply various ageing techniques to give our floorboards their unique colourations.

By combining wall paints with wooden wall cladding and flooring, we give you the ingredients you need to create successful interiors. The right combination of colours on the walls and floors creates sustainable added value, and it is a key factor in determining the mood and ambience of the space. Plinths and steps are available in all finishes. We offer our own hard wax oils and soaps for maintenance and upkeep. Please bear in mind that wood is a natural material and every board is unique. The colour, grain and knottiness of individual boards may differ from that shown in the photographs. The colour republic cannot guarantee exact replicas of the wood samples shown in our brochure. This also applies to paints. Actual paint colours may differ slightly from those shown in the brochure due to the limitations of the printing and photographic processes.